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Posted 08 October 2016 - 02:02 PM

E          A  E
Cold had I calloused

           Am     E  B    E   A
Walls were raised to bear the weight

I'd not take

    E            A  E
Too slow were my senses

      Am E    B    E     A
Muted musings lost their way

     D     A

     Dm        A
Only silence remained

D          A             E
Holding my breath in the dark

Gasping for air

With the lungs of a lark

   E            A   E
So warm was the welcome

       Am       E
Humble in its embrace

B            E           A
Tell me just how did you save me

        D           A
Pull me up from the grave?

          Dm           A
Though my youth did mislead

D         A        E
I would retreat to you

Right back to your arms

         D       A
With my spirit aglow

          Dm           A
Where the pains of the past

D       A             E
Exit en masse through you

Too lost when we part

With the lungs of a lark

I (far removed from myself)

      A           E
Had denied what I lost

        A             E            B
When my heart had withdrawn to the fray

(In a whimsical way)

        A             E
I would flee from the truth

        A       E
I could bury in youth

You (you would have me)

                          A       E
You would have me if I've fallen again

          A             E          B
Would you bring me back out of the dark

With my lungs of a lark?

E           A E
Cold have I calloused

          Am    E   B E
But these walls are coming down

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