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Completely Awesome Melody Reprise in Act V

act v

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Posted 03 January 2017 - 10:19 PM

Ok, so we all know how completely awesome the last song on act v is. But one thing that I really connected to just today is how absolutely amazing the last fade out of the album is.

"But what if the silence is broken by the ones you've loved?
Incredibly pleasant, with a heavenly breath to wake you up
With nothing left to poison a portrait of who I've become
Only elation remains, protecting us from this never ending night."

So he is obviously thinking about death and here he sees the brighter and more optimistic side of it. Then in a reprise of the melody from "Awake" he sings

"Dear apparition, while my senses last,
Is absolution far too much to ask?
Will you forgive a truly troubled past?"

In Awake, I think the apparition he is referring to is Ms. Terri because of the reference to "the hymn of the lake," the female back up vocals throughout the song, and the fact that it would make sense since she is the driving force through the entire story. So he had just come to the conclusion that he's going to see his loved ones when he dies so now, in his last moments alive, he begs to his dead mother to forgive him for all his wrong doings.

"The silver lining still remains,
The sights I've left to see
So trust that with this end,
A new beginning's waiting patiently."

I'm assuming that this silver lining and new beginning is heaven with his loved ones, since that's what he's been talking about this whole time.

The best part of this song for me, however, is the large swell of noise, presumably him dying. And then, the moment he dies, the noise abruptly stops and a gentle piano line is played. This piano line is the same melody as in The Lake South. That piece is basically the birth of the boy and very early in that song, the melody is gently hummed at a relatively high pitch, giving it the feeling of a lullaby that Ms. Terri hummed to the boy when he was born. immediately after that song, of course, everything goes to shit.

SO. He's about to die and is thinking about his mother and begs for her forgiveness, trusting that he will see her soon. The noise swells as he is dying and then once he is dead, the dismal din disappears, as do his troubles and hardships, and really the only melody in the entire act series that exists during a time of purity, peace and happiness (with the exclusion of Battesimo Del Fuoco since that is more of an oracle prelude to the story) plays immediately after he dies, implying that he is at peace now and his with his mother. Also, the last line and the title of the song talks about a new beginning. And the same melody plays at his first beginning (his birth) and his new beginning (death and rebirth) HOW FREAKIN COOL IS THAT??

Lemme know what you guys think

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Posted 07 January 2017 - 01:41 AM

This is cool, but I must mention that Casey said the apparition is past Hunter

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